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✴ Everything that we experience, everything we think, feel and do is in Divine Order. It is part of the Universal Flow that helps us discover who we are. If our thoughts and emotions did not manifest as actions, how else would we see who we are? The World is not happening to us. We are happening to it. We are molding it, shaping it, creating the good and the bad. Sooner or later we will get tired of what we are doing and will do something else. When we get tired of HATE, we will stop living in FEAR. When we get tired of INJUSTICE we will stop JUDGING one another. When we get tired of VIOLENCE we will stop AGGRESSION in all forms. When we get rid of CRITICISM, CYNICISM and VICTIMIZATION we will live in TRUTH, take RESPONSIBILITY for what we do and stop BLAMING each other. When we get sick and tired of the CHAOS in the World perhaps we will begin to LOVE our Brother as we love ourselves…. ✴

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