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✴The things our parents tell us, the things we read in books, the things we hear and overhear create the foundation of our thoughts. These thoughts grow into ideas. For many people of Color, the ideas they have about themselves may not be good. There is the idea that it is hard for Black people to make it. This is supported by the idea that Black people don’t try. There is the idea that other people are preferred over Black people. This gives birth to the idea that Black people are not good enough. There is the idea that Black men aren’t respected. This comes from the idea that Black Women have abandoned Black Men. The idea is that because there is so much conflict between Black Men and Black Women, Black Children are lost. The things we seem to forget is that an idea will die unless it is acted upon. Every time we entertain the truth of false ideas we give it the right to live. If an idea is not of your making or liking, you can choose to have a better one. ✴

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