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✴ People want you to believe that Color doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t, but it does. We cannot get away from the color question. The question is, who does it matter to? Does it matter to you that you come from a rich tradition of proud people who believe in self-determination? Does it matter to you that your Ancestral Culture is based on a spirit of support and respect? Does it matter to you that you are genetically coded for genius, thereby rendering you capable of realizing physical, intellectual and spiritual perfection? Does it matter to you that you are the keeper of a legacy of Worldwide accomplishments? Does it matter to you that you have the God-given right, by virtue of your color, to glorify, magnify and fortify the legacy that you have inherited as a Descendant of the first Doctors, Chemists, Agriculturalists, Astronomers, Astrologers , Artisans, Teachers, and Spiritual masters? OR DOES IT MATTER ONLY TO THOSE WHO TELL YOU WHAT YOU CANNOT DO BECAUSE OF YOUR COLOR ? ✴

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