Written by on November 6, 2018

Males understand power by doing powerful things. Females just understand power.

In my studies, it was an ancient tradition in an Afrikan village that the Womb-men choose the leaders. As time passed on, modern ideas prevailed and the Men refused to adhere to tradition. The Men picked the new leaders, and within 9 months the village riches had been sold, the temples were invaded and 85 % of the elders, Womb-men and children were killed.The symbol for Male(circle with an upwards arrow) Indicates an outward action. It is aggressive. It must have something to do.The symbol for Female (the fertility) Is downward and inward. It is a container that receives what is done. If we are to achieve the World Balance and Harmony we seek, Men must step back, honor and learn from Womb-men. If we want to stop the aggression and destruction of the world, Womb-men must individually and collectively honor themselves.

Today and always, we will support, honor and respect the FEMININE POWER.

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