Rocksteady Empress

Rocksteady Empress was born in Manchester UK.
She became interested in reggae at 14 when she first heard a Prince Buster tune and was hooked!
She got more involved in reggae music because er significant other was a selecta on the reggae scene and would go to the Blues & club with him.
She started to collect reggae( artists like Ken Boothe, Dennis Brown, John Holt etc) and Motown tunes.
Rocksteady Empress started to play music herself 6 years ago and met other DJs who were into he same kind of Roots and Old school Reggae.
The rest as they history!


Selecta Kalonji

Selecta Kalonji

Born in Trinidad & Tobago, from youth Kalonji was into all types of music.  Some of his favorites are good old reggae. Kalonji emigrated to Canada in his early 20's.  He was introduced to Pal-Talk, an online social client at some point and there is where it all started. There he met his True Music Family, RoastBreadfruit, Lioness, Aur'el, Marcush, Rocksteady and Breda Addubba.  It was truly a blessing. Kalonji plays Roots Music which is his genuine love since he's from the islands and consider it part of his culture and one of traditional musical styles of his ancestors. The rhythms and folk music brings him back to the peaceful island paradise  he knew when he was a child. Roots music is a way to speak out about true life events, it discusses religion, life and politics. It is known around the world and he feels blessed that he is able to play and share his music with each and everyone the world over!! music with all of you.

Pablo I-Shens

BLACK LION HI*VIBES born in 2011 to continue the experience gained over many years by Roots Collective (Ital*y) and the Black Lion Dub Club of Pordenone. The Black Lion Hi*Vibes plays JAH Wise Roots music in the traditional way. With their very own home built sound system, solid selection, fresh dubplates and the reasoning on the mic, Black Lion Hi*Vibes offers a RASTAFARI EDU(cational enter)TAINMENT perspective in the Italian sound system's scene.

Lioness SelectressofJudah

Lioness SelectressOfJudah(UK) started out at an early age being introduced to reggae music,
by her father who regularly played at house parties.
She was listening as well to other genres of music that were played in their household & this brought her to love music.

A few years ago, she was inspired by a dear friend who taught her how to play music to a group of social friends online.
This continued until she started to play on internet radio stations with weekly shows.
Her shows are about the positive upliftment of the mind, body & soul....with the mission of spreading love through the music!!
Music speaks!!


Marcush Asher

Marcush Asher is a multi-talented musician, singer & Selecta out of Venice, Italy.
He has been part of different musical projects alongside the Italian Dub Community & Moa Ambessa.
He had a featuring with Earthground Combination for Imperial Roots Records (Serious Dub) in 2010 and a few others with Jahwari & The Wicked Dub Division.

In 2011, he even recorded an album with them called "Wadada" (9 tracks + Dubwise versions).

He has performed live at several venues in Italy (Venice, Trieste, Rome...) & alongside artist like Christine Miller, Dan-I, Dreadment, Warrior Charge
+ Rise & Shine Sound System (Dub Gate #7 in Bologna).
He also created the Zupa Roots Studio where he recorded his tune "Jah Rules Dub + Dub It Easy" & released it as a 12" on his Zupa Roots label in 2007(still available on discogs, BlackaMixShop & Jah Waggy's Records).
As a conscious Rootsman before the Lord, Marcush Asher definitely uplift your soul with his deep Roots & Cultural vibes (Ska, Nyabinghi, Reggae, Nu Roots, Dub, UK Steppers...).

Selectress Aur'el

Selectress Aur'El has been active for over 15 years in the organization of Reggae Events in Strasbourg, France.
She was one of the founder of the Life & Creation Sound System & had been part of it from 2003 to 2014.
The Sound System has organized local venues and has performed in Brittany, in Paris, in Germany & mostly in the East of France & has collaborated or played alongside a few great artists & Sound Systems (Omar Perry / Million Stylez / Martin Campbell / Sugar Roy & Conrad Crystal / Joseph Cotton / Alpheus/ Earl 16/ Macka B/ Soul Stereo/ Irie Ites & more …) .

From 2012 to 2014, Selectress Aur'El co-hosted the radio show "Voice of The People" on Radio Capsule, a local & eclectic web radio. Alongside other local artists, DJs, singers & musicians, she also co-organized 2 events in Strasbourg, highlighting & supporting feminine creative energy, fine arts & music.
For a couple years already, she's selecting on airwaves & keeps playing venues wherever music is calling (mainly in France, Germany & the Netherlands ).
Definitely addicted to the vinyl format and to Jamaican music (...and so many more!), Selectress Aur'El is a compulsive wax collector who is specialized into Oldies, Ska & Rocksteady, Roots Reggae, RubADub and Dub. She likes to play & share her latest finds (Essential Classics or more recent releases) and spread the Good Vibes of "Real, Authentic & Upful" Jamaican & Caribbean music.

Selecta RoastBreadfruit

Born on the tiny island of St.Vincent(SVG), SelectaRoastBreadfruit was never further than an earshot away from music in a whole.
It was his uncle however, who owned the only sound system in the village that truly opened him up to the world of reggae.
Residing in New York, things changed, he no longer had access to the music as before and was forced to tune into whatever little could be found on the airwaves.
Shout out to (Gil Bailey, Carl B. Moxey & Dahved Levi).  At 12 y.o. he was given his first personal record player—a Casio with a built in tape deck and that reinvigorated his affection for the vinyl format and he commenced collecting vinyls.
A few years later the format on which music was to be heard and played began to change and so he reluctantly went along with the crowd and in so doing either sold, lost or had most of his collection stolen.
This forced his indulgence in CDs and with some friends., formed a lil sound system that was basically a copy of King Addis (shout out to Etan), whom a few of the members worked for in other capacities.  Though virtually unknown, for over a decade years SRBF has been heard on various internet radio stations and from time to time has played various venues in NYC alongside some of the biggest names in the circuit.  The lack of notoriety is only due to the fact that SRBF interest lies in preserving the music and not fame, hence the music is always at the fore. One listen and immediately you can tell the difference.

Over the years there’s been a proliferation of dancehall with no regard for nothing other than profit, reggae some would argue, is DEAD. So for him, a man to whom reggae giveth LIFE,
creating Jah Music Mansion Radio came as fate, one he'd fought against for countless years. With preservation in mind the mission and obvious dedication, is indeed a worthwhile undertaking!!


AddUbba In Loving Memory

Strictly an LP collector since 2000, AddUbba tried to bring the listeners through a "Musi-Call" journey.
Tune after tune, he flowed into an emotional path, with the aid of just one turntable, a mixer, delay and dub siren, all intersparsed with scarce speeches. That was his mission.  Unfortunately, he had his struggles and in 2017 saw fit to take his own life. We love & miss him dearly!

The word "Addubba", other than being an interpolation of the word "Dub", is a verb in the dialect of Catania City, colorfully expressing a feeling of over-satiety. The letter "U" is Capitalized in the middle of his name to remind the shape of the Etna volcano, n whose flank AddUbba resided.

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